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GOP’s lotion pumps and trigger sprayers are used by many brands across a wide range of markets, from SMEs to large enterprise clients globally. We cater for most industries, in fact there are very few markets you won’t find a GOP lotion pump or trigger sprayer. Some of the industries we are specialist in are personal care, automotive, household and garden and pet care and equine.

Personal Care

We help our customer’s personal care brands stand out on the supermarket shelves with our varying options of shapes and sizes and customisations. There’s not much we can’t achieve for your brand shelf presence so challenge GOP and ask for a brand make-over today.


Our trigger sprayer products are very popular with the automotive markets and when seasonal demand is high we’re able to provide products fast, something which our customers rely on us heavily for. Our innovative range of products offer safety in transit and leak-prevention seals.

Pet Care & Equine

There are many lotions and potions for pets and horses these days, there’s no wonder it’s a growing market. We work with many of the leading brands for pet care and equine products supplying standard and specific lotion pumps.


GOP provide a wide range of trigger sprays, caps, and closures suitable for household products, these are diverse and adaptable and are suitable for many uses, each product has a unique quality and is adaptable to client needs.


GOP are expanding their range in 2022, we plan to provide a selection of products for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, for any enquiries please contact us through the contact page.


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