PJ Trigger- Spray

Wide range of nozzles including foamer and spray/stream, Suitable for large and small bottles.

Key features:

  • All plastic trigger spray construction with a single polymer (polypropylene) representing over 90% of the material.
  • High 1.3ml dosage to reduce the number of times the user has to pull the handle to cover a cleaning surface
  • Ergonomic shroud design to allow larger bottles to be held easily for dispensing liquid
  • Available with spray / stream combination nozzle and plastic mesh foamer option
  • Rigid polypropylene dip tube to allow semi or fully automated assembly onto a bottle
  • Flat top and side shroud design to allow easy transfer down a semi or fully automated filling line
  • Flat sided shroud allows labels to be applied for on-shelf retailer marketing
  • Robust design allows the trigger spray to be re-used and reduce packaging waste – tested to 10,000 dispenses representing +25 times re-used on a 500ml bottle.
  • Available in translucent and white only
  • Available with 30% recycled material (by weight).
  • Please contact us for more information

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